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What is the difference between Japanese pachinko machines and slots?

In the world of gambling, there are many forms of betting depending on which countries is encompassing different cultures, norms, and social standards. Japan is one of the countries having this kind of betting that is very particular in the country that is what we call Pachinko. Pachinko is very similar to slots but there is also a huge difference between these two kinds of games.

Bear in mind the difference between the two-game: slots and pachinko.

Pachinko is a game in gambling in which the prize does not result in real money or cash. In operation or action, it’s the same to pinballs of the chute and aim in them. It hits the jackpot by inserting the pinball instead of cash or coin. But you need to request a number of pinballs in playing and stay on the same machine to play. If you hit the jackpot o you strike luckily you will gain access to the winning box which is full of pinballs from other previous players.

After hitting the jackpot upon playing pinballs the jackpot has no value. You can change the same real money in their gaming room or city backstreets. Even though gambling is banned recently in Japan due to its enormous popularity, the Japanese government is thinking, considering, and doing it in a legal way.

Being compared to slot machines the difference between pachinko is instead of leaving or walking away from the real money you will leave pachinko with pinballs. This means that you have to change the pinballs into cash in each round before you start to play. Plus, slots use money reels while pachinko uses a metallic ball. Although the two games are both using screens that are very catchy, thrilling, and fun. Its music is very alluring.

In current situations, slot machines in Japan are no longer being compared to pachinko in which people locally are very proud of their identity. There are many pachinko establishments in Japan an estimation of around 12,000 in number which ranges annually to 30 trillion yen.

The difference in Game Design

The difference between the two-game which are pachinko and slots is that their game structure on how it is being designed and constructed. Slots consist of one stage while players spin the reels to make up the whole game. Pachinko is consisting of multiple stages in which there is a component that the player will control before it comes to the slot portion.

The difference of pachinko is the design of the game which is the greatest distinction and is being developed. The opening of the game pachinko is accessible in the recorded destinations while the player is turning the sum of the reel money game. Pachinko has many variations of the game in which the player precedes the opening to the said game.

Pachinko adds the component of outcomes straightforwardness in which opening doesn’t. Players can get the twist number in the pachinko machine through stretched time and the number of twisted successes. The data will also help the player to rate the perspective notion in utilizing machines they choose. The component in which gaming machine don’t have similar data is by adding the layers of strange notions into gaming.

The transparency of pachinko adds an element that slots don’t have.

In pachinko players can access to view how many spins they took over a certain period of time, and also the result of the spins they won. The idea can benefit the players of at least without any doubt of their point of view or beliefs of any machine they want to use in playing. Slot machines usually do not give exact information about what are the varieties and elements they add to layer the enjoyment and fun in gaming.

Even if pachinko has similarities with slot machines, there are also instances that they differ:
  • The return to player rate in pachinko is higher
  • Less Customize in configurations of the gaming machine
  • progressive jackpots not available
  • No demo mode option
  • No bonuses or promotions to offer like free spins or any multipliers for wagering

The game mechanics of the two-games are very close and similar. Their gameplay transactions are arranged very differently. If you are searching for a game on what to play and no need to require skills from a player or gambler so it’s good to recommend and give a good preference on modern casino slots. It is presented in different variations and configurations to offer to high winning odds.

Ability-based components

The set of another distinction between pachinko and slots is their component, the skill based type one to pachinko and another forms in gambling. To move down the ball into the winning hole is the goal of pachinko. Where the slot machines spins and the additional ball are being granted. To get the ball in the board of winning section. Just send the ball in play in an angle that is encouraging to attain the goal. The characteristics that are not needed in slots requires the highest degree of scrutiny to features and its aptitude to make settlements hanging.

Adjusting every sides and angle of the balls are always put to play. Those who bet pachinko required them to play for faster sets for success. To release the ball energetically will lessen the ball from disputation. While making it to do softly that will stop from hitting the target. The popularity and growth of pachinko on many players are being learned. On how to send the ball properly in its proper way or power. Another set of difficult distinction on its opening and pachinko. In which its way is based on expertise section or segments in order to separate it from the type of betting.

Objective of pachinko

The objective of pachinko is to slide or drop a ball down or below the machine into its victorious opening. Where the twist of extra ball and gambling machines are being rewarded and granted. To get the winning part of the board, gamblers or players need to pass the ball in play. At the point where it could benefit to aim the objective of the game. It needs a serious thoroughness and the volume on its changes to fly.

Changing the balls point that are placed to play. The bettors of pachinko needs to play fastly as the frame for groundwork on them. Upon delivering the ball energetically this will cut the ball from its dispute. As well as its objective which is very delicate when it arrives. Pachinko is increasing its number of players upon know the players to send the ball in its legitimate force which files its ubiquity.

Cultural differences

Pachinko and slots may vary on its cultural history and differences ton how it is being learned as what we called pachinko parlors in which it continues to change as the big impact in business in Japan.

Online casino gambling is an event that affects slots in many countries. In places, players and people will just sit after one another upon playing slot games while talking and of course playing without knowing the time.

Casino gambling is typically a social event, especially as it pertains to slots in many countries. In those places, people will sit next to each other when playing slots games. And talk while they play, even if they don’t know each other ahead of time. Pachinko is a more solitary pursuit with people not wanting to talk to one another as they wanted to play.

Online availability

Ability to play games online like slots is another way to know the difference between the two games: pachinko and slots. Pachinko includes presence of the physical component in games that aren’t easy to reproduce online. Good thing that the part or portion of the ball game. There are so many ways to play online pachinko. But a lot of players don’t fee to go to a physical pachinko parlor and the action takes place. In the intervening time slots are more user friendly for the reels can spin the same in both virtual and actual.  Bettors want to make some wagering for the benefit on it is best for the players.

Pachinko comprises a real part to the game that isn’t the most forthright to emulate on the web due to the ball game bit of that game. Spaces, in the meantime, are considerably more online-accommodating. As the reels can turn a similar route both face to face and on the web. What a gambler desires to do their gambling can nasty for which of these replacements is finest for them.

Those discrepancies make the two selections substantial for bettors . With pachinko parlors having an attraction that not gambling machines can reproduce thanks in massive part to the expertise-based segment of the activity.


Pachinko is an analog of slots. The game is legal in countries even if prohibited by law. Pachinko has a higher RTP percentage than slots and is easy to play. In some circumstance you have a fortuitous to trial out the Pachinko machine, you should certainly give it an effort.

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