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What are the Most Common Gambling Schemes?

Gambling Schemes or betting systems are an organized method or pattern to bet. That can certify normal wages upon playing for the right cards. The main key of a good gambling method is to change the house edge into a gambler lead. However, it is precisely unbearable to modify a long-term anticipated consequence. To make a short term of winning and have a higher odd.  Gambling schemes are methods or strategies to make a more seldom win with of course the help of statistics. You can gain and develop your own gambling or betting strategies based on your desires. Just check on the list below in order to find what are the most common bettor strategies.

Martingale Method

Martingale is a method that doubles the losing bet and lessen the winning bets in half. It is a method that encourages something to avoid losses in acquiring equivalent gains. It attempts the odds to break even and rises the chance of extreme and fast losses. This method is one of the oldest recognized gambling strategies in the whole wide world. It usually came from the 18th century in France and can be used it any of the games that has identical or equal chance of losing and winning.

Labouchere System

The Labouchère system is also known as split martingale or the cancellation system in which it is a gambling method that is usually used in the live game “roulette”. This strategy or gambling schemes that is used by players. Who chooses before they play on how much the amount of real money is. They are going to win and list those good and positive numbers to prearranged the amount.

In each bet the gambler risks and amount of real money which is equivalent to the sum up of the last and first number being listed. If one number still remains, it is the amount of the bet. And if the bet is fruitful the two number are being diminished from the list. If the bet is not a fruitful one or unsuccessful the lost amount is added to the list. By these processes, it still continues until the list being crossed check or the amount of the desired money was won or by the time that the gambler has insufficient amount of money to wager. This was named after the journalist and British politician named Henry Labouchère who formerly developed the method.


This system might take you time to truly understand and learn. Upon writing series of numbers and the first bet would be the total of the first number and list down the second one. If this kind of method is being played and used rightly there is a great and huge assurance that your earnings are getting bigger even if you lost more bets. This strategy needs a big amount in your bankroll in order to use the benefit behind this Labouchère system.

This strategy planned to be used with an even bet like red/ black, odd/even, and numbers from 1-18/19-36. Upon learning to play it on an inside bet it is very dangerous for the numbers don’t sum up and you have a chance that you will end up losing the game. A 50% chance of winning when you decided to bet on something.

Just take a note on its number sequence that depends on you completely. Identify the amount of money you want to split and the amount of money you want to win exactly. Before you start to play on the actual game just remember to take the right and leftmost of numbers and sum it up together. The advantage about this method is that it is very organized and neat. The numbers will sum up neatly and nicely if you don’t confuse it with your own self and it caters you a sense of contentment and fulfillment.

Paroli System

The thought of this method or gambling schemes is to make the players stake decrease or increase its gambling schemes depend on the last outcome. This term “par” comes from a latin word which means that “each one is equal.” This method is set to double the wager or bet after winning in 3 consecutive wins are accomplished. This kind of approach is being active since the year of 16th era and usually practiced and based to “Basset” an Italian card. As for now, Paroli Betting Method is most effective in betting on baccarat and roulette but it can also be useful for any games who has a feature of even and odd bets, sic bo and craps, poker, and also blackjack.

This method works by obtaining three consecutive wins while doubling the wager or bet with each win. To start with the development every piece is wagered on an equal real money results like betting on black at the table of live game like roulette. If ever the result could lead to losing another unit will be bet again. The gambler will continue to bet without knowing the risk and money does not vary anymore. But if the two piece of bet wins the next wager will be times two again to four units. And the final result of bet is either win or lose.

D’Alembert System

The D’Alembert Method is a simple kind of methods or gambling schemes. In this kind of method it is the contrast to Labouchere System although they do have similarities. But the nearest similar to this method is the Martingale System but in one factor to a difference of the methods main idea. Is the betting progression for the D’Alembert method is much simple than the double down of the Martingale Method. This method is good for the game roulette. The system is intended and functional for bets that are close. And has a chance of winning close to 50% and is called to even bets.

The method involves in increasing the bet in losing game and usually decrease it upon winning.

1-3-2-6 System

The 1-3-2-6 betting system is not as difficult as you hear it. The computation is not that hard unlike any other betting methods. This method is very similar to Paroli betting system for it results to a positive result or development. In this kind of strategy if you win every time it increases your stake or bet.

To get a winning streak just make use of this method the 1-3-2-6 betting system. You can apply this method and start in a live game like baccarat, craps, roulette, and blackjack. This method functions or works in a fair and simple manner. The first thing to do id to play and bet in an even-money table. Where there are lots of chances to win. In every round a 50/50 one or like the even/Odd in a roulette game. Or even more in the Don’t Pass/ Pass in craps game.

This method has a step by step process to follow on the numbers of the betting system upon placing the wager in each round. You may use the 1, 3, 2, and 6 numbers as your help or lead in placing a betting unit. Still in an occasion that you are in the middle of sequence in losing all you need to do is to place back in playing with only one unit of the game. Here is the possible outcome of playing the 1-3-2-6 Betting System.

. The main part of the risk is losing the game and the second bet. But in this low bet you need not to worry much for if you manage the first and second two bets you can only lose the one and two units. If the third bet loses you can catch up making a profit and break even with the loss in the fourth bet.


Those are the types and kinds of betting systems in an online gambling across the entire world. Most of the Old-style methods or strategies are just good enough to maintain its way. All of those methods have the goal to win at least in an uncertain betting world of gambling.

There are more betting systems that are also known and popular and is used widely and mostly. Like the, Flat Bet, All in, Proportional, Fibonacci system, and etc. You can also make or come up with your best own betting system that is in favor on your style. Or by implementing those methods who do exist from the given choices that we have discussed above. There’s no assurance that you win a 100% but still its is a guide to make you and give you a boost. That you must win in a game like online casino. These are all helpful tips or guide to start your way of betting in a chance not to lose all your money.

Just simply register to an online casino! And play any casino games that are suited to your style or taste for a chance to win big! Keep winning! Keep betting!

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