Rollover Betting

What Does Rollover Mean in Online Sports Betting?

The bettors should take advantage of attractive deposit bonuses presented by the sports betting sites. But grabbing these offers is not easy as they come with certain stipulations before signing up, known as rollover. 

The sole purpose of rollovers is to prevent you from claiming a free money deposit and getting it to cash out instantly. But you are required to be extra careful with the predator’s rollovers as this might never allow you to see the money again. 토토

What is rollover in betting? 

How many times you need to bet on a bonus and the inappropriate deposit scenarios is known as betting rollover. But this should be done before you can take out any amount concerning the deal. 

Some sportsbooks use the term play-through instead of rollover. Consequently, don’t get confused upon seeing these terms as both imply the same thing. 

All the bonuses come up with diverse rollovers. Moreover, the rollover requirements concerning the bonus will depend on the sportsbook. 

The key aspect of paying heed to is the multiplication involved in the rollover. For instance, if you see a 4x rollover, you should quadruple the bonus, whereas a 3x rollover means triple the available funds before making a withdrawal. 


Let us make things more clear to you by way of an example. Suppose a betting site offers you a 100% deposit bonus with a 3x rollover attached to it. You get a bonus of $100 if you deposit $100 on the site. 

Once you are finished doing it, you can unlock the bonus funds and withdraw them. It makes the total amount with you $200 to wager with. But you have to triple $200 to $600 if you intend to withdraw this bonus. 토토

Why do sportsbooks use rollovers on bonuses? 

The sole purpose of attaching rollovers to bonuses is a sort of protection. It is a way for them to safeguard themselves. Otherwise, users can easily leave a site without placing a wager by easily getting the bonus. 

Like this, the manipulation could end up leaving the sites bankrupt, and they’ll be doing a horrible business. Consequently, such a thing assures the betting site that bettors will use their site even after claiming a bonus. 

Can I witness the status of a rollover? 

Whether the status of a rollover will be revealed to you or not will depend upon the sportsbook. The sportsbooks at present believe in complete transparency and have a distinct section to show the progress bettors have been making with time. 

You can visit your account and select the view bonus status option if you wish to know the same. Else, you can reach out to customer support at the sportsbook if you doubt this. 

Things to be watchful of for before signing up for a bonus 

Before signing up for sports betting bonus, you should know the following things: 

  • Validity and time limits: You should first see the validity of a certain bonus offer. Are there any time limits attached to it, or not should it be figured out at the earliest? If it has a more time limit, it will surely impact your betting. Having limited time will pressure you to place the bet in a hurry. 
  • Odds restrictions: The minimum odds for the rollover bets also needs to be checked. Many bettors try to use favorites to attain the bonus rollover, but sportsbooks restrict you from doing so. 
  • Sections for the bonus funds: Whether the bonus is limited to sports betting or it also reaches to casino or horse racing sections. 
  • Time before withdrawing: Usually, the length of time for withdrawing is thirty days, but it depends upon the sportsbooks most of the time. 

When struck between different bonuses, the bettors should always consider rollover as an important factor. 

Final words

High priority should be accorded to the bonuses with favorable rollovers. In contrast, unreasonable betting rollovers should be kept at bay as it does not match the amount of effort you devote to claiming the bonus. What is rollover in betting must be clear to you. 토토

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