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Progressive Jackpot

PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT: What type of game is a progressive jackpot?

Online casinos have a wide range variety of slot games. But the most popular of them all and the one that attracts the most attention of most online casino players is the progressive jackpot. In this article we will explain thoroughly the meaning of progressive jackpot. Its flow of the game, the winning method, the betting method, etc. in detail.

Game flow of Progressive Jackpot

  • Step 1 – Check the jackpot meter Each progressive jackpot is gave a “jackpot occurrence probability meter”. There are many types of online casinos, and among them, the types of progressive jackpots are enormous. Check here first, and compare the games that are likely to drop the jackpot with the online casino sites to make your selection.
  • Step 2 – Deposit and start playing you need to deposit to play the online casino. And play the game you’re looking for before playing a progressive jackpot.
  • Step 3 – Jackpot GET! From here, it depends on the probability, but if you win the jackpot, you can withdraw it. It may be good to increase your casino balance and aim for a higher jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot Definition

A progressive jackpot game is a type of slot game in which a part of the bet is accumulated in the jackpot each time the player plays. And the jackpot amount increases.   By the way, jackpot means “big hit” in gambling or “great success” in everyday life.   In the case of regular slots, the jackpot amount is fix, but in the case of progressive jackpots. It varies depending on the amount that the player bets and accumulates. The winnings will be quite high, as the bets of all players who have played the progressive jackpot of that model will be accumulated. Not just the amount you have played. A lottery unique to each game is held, and the reserve fund is pay at once to the winners. So it is not uncommon for winners to win hundreds of millions of yen.

Rules of Progressive Jackpots

  • Check the acquisition conditions

Depending on the type of online casino and game, some may have certain conditions for winning a jackpot.   First of all, let’s play after confirming the acquisition conditions. The minimum stake often set as a condition for earning. The point is that you must bet more than the fixed amount. These conditions often listed in places that are difficult to see, so be sure to check in advance.

  • Check the paylines

Depending on the model, the payline for winning the jackpot may be fix. There are several types of paylines, and you cannot win the jackpot unless you meet all the conditions.

Way to win a progressive jackpot game

Here are some tips on how to increase your winning percentage in a progressive jackpot. If you use this trick, you won’t always win, but you can increase your winning percentage as much as possible. Rather than playing a progressive jackpot without thinking about it. We recommend that you practice it because it will be more enjoyable and the winning percentage will increase.

Choose a Slot game models with a high jackpot amount

The jackpot amount varies depending on the model. It is not decide at what amount you will win. But it’s says that the higher the jackpot amount, the higher the winning percentage.

Determine the average amount from the past jackpot winning amount

Basically, each progressive jackpot shows the past jackpot winning amount. It is also effective to check there to find out the average amount of winnings. And play after the average amount is exceed.

Double check the jackpot amount to verify thoroughly

Especially for popular online casino sites, the speed at which jackpots can accumulated is quite fast. Always check the jackpot amount so that the jackpot of the model you are aiming for is decreasing when you notice it.

Make it a habit to check the terms and conditions

This is one of the basics of progressive jackpot play. As explained above, the rules for progressive jackpots may set for each model. For example, there may detailed rules such as “set the highest coin level” and “bet $ 3 or more”. If you do not follow this rule, the winning rate will not increase no matter how much you bet.

Find a slot games with a large number of wins

Progressive jackpots have something in common with the principle similar to Japanese pachinko and slots. Where the ones that get a lot of hits are easy to hit the next day or the day after next. If you choose a model with a large number of wins, such as a popular model for progressive jackpots. The winning rate will increase accordingly.

You need to change the bet amount most of the time

The odds of a progressive jackpot appearing are completely random, but it’s notorious that some players have won eight jackpots in the past day. According to the player, changing the bet amount frequently will increase the winning percentage. It seems important to make detailed settings such as changing the bet amount around 50 to 100 rotations. I don’t know the truth, but it’s a good idea to refer to these tips as well.

The betting method should be specific

Progressive jackpots have some items that need to be set in advance before betting. The specific flow is summarized below, so please refer to it.

  • Line bet amount – Set the amount to bet for each payline
  • Payline – Setting the payline to bet. It is advantageous to have all paylines enabled
  • Number of coins – Setting the number of coins to bet on each set payline
  • Confirmation of total bet amount – Start spinning after confirming that the total bet amount is correct

Dividend rate of Progressive Jackpot

The payout rate of a progressive jackpot uses the terms “probability (odds)” and “probability of appearance” to mean the probability of winning a jackpot.   This probability of appearance depends on the model and bet amount of each progressive jackpot.   On average in Japan, the jackpot prize amount is said to be $ 1,200 (Japanese yen: about 127,000 yen), and the probability is about 1/600,000 overall.   By the way, it is said that it is difficult to calculate the average probability of progressive jackpots. Because the starting amount of the jackpot differs depending on the model. 

For example, some models start with $ 0 and the prize amount is accumulate, while others start with $ 1,000. Therefore, it is not possible to disclose the specific probability. But it may be good to select the model to play while referring to the jackpot that discloses the appearance probability. Here are some models of progressive jackpots whose appearance probability is disclose.

You can see that the larger the jackpot amount, the lower the probability of appearance. But the probability is just an average number. When it comes to progressive jackpots, the luck factor is very high among many gambling. Some people win the jackpot many times, while others get big prizes just once. Therefore, it is advisable to consider such publicly available information for reference only.

How does progressive jackpots usually work?

First, let’s take a look at how progressive jackpots work. Before that, I will explain what the meaning of jackpot is in the first place. The jackpot is the biggest hit on the slot machine. A jackpot that pays hundreds of times more than one stake at a time. Dividends vary depending on the model.

On the other hand, a progressive jackpot is a type of jackpot that accumulates a part of the amount by losing, including other players. To put it simply, one player has a chance to win something that players around the world save little by little in a piggy bank called a “jackpot.” If you don’t get a jackpot, the money in the jackpot will grow and sometimes billions.

And no one knows who will win the prize. It doesn’t matter if the person who bets a lot on the model is given priority or the number of times the slot is turned. So, everybody has a chance to win a fortune in the jackpot.

Two types of progressive jackpots

There are two main types of progressive jackpots. I will explain the difference between the types.

  • Wide area progressive

In a nutshell, wide area progressive is what you save in one piggy bank for the game. For example, the famous jackpot slot called “Mega Moolah” can be played at various online casinos such as Vera John Casino and Kaji Journey. But no matter which online casino you play, the same jackpot will win prizes. It will accumulate.

  • Linked progressive

Linked Progressive is a piggy bank for each online casino or casino group. Therefore, even with the same slot machine. The prize amount accumulated in the jackpot differs depending on which online casino you play at.

How to increase the winning rate of progressive jackpots

If you play hard, you want to raise the winning rate of the progressive jackpot as much as possible. Here are some ways to increase your winning rate.

Always choose a linked progressive type

First, be sure to choose a linked progressive type slot. As I explain earlier, in the linked progressive type. Prizes are accumulated for each casino or each casino group. Compared to wide area progressive, the number of rivals aiming to win the jackpot is smaller. So in other words, the winning rate will increase.

Compare the amounts and aim for casinos with accumulated jackpot amounts

Once you’ve chosen the type of jackpot, it’s time to visit each of the online casinos that offer slot games to see how much money is in the jackpot. For linked progressive types, the amount of jackpot varies from casino to casino and from casino group to casino. It is not yet decided at what amount the jackpot will be won. And if you are aiming for a win, the higher the price, isn’t it?

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