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Parley Method

The Parley method has been used for a long time. The origin of the Parley method dates back to Italy in the 16th century, but it is now widely used in casinos, mainly in blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. The Parley method is a type of parlor method. It is also called “Pyramiding” or “Let It Ride”.

Anyone aware of sports betting will recognize the term “parlay” as a kind of combination wager during which all selections must win so as for the whole bet to achieve success. It’s the advantage of paying out at higher odds than if each selection had been backed individually. But with the disadvantage of losing if even one selection fails. For casino games, the Parlay betting system refers to a style of positive betting progression. Whereby a series of two or more increasing wagers are dependent upon winning each successive bet.

The basics of the Parley method

The Parley method is classified as a positive progression system. With the Parley method, you can increase your bet amount and increase your chances of winning. Even more by using your casino funds instead of your own funds after you win.

As mentioned earlier, the Parley method is similar to the Parlor method. But the Parlor method is considerably more complex than the Parley method. With the Parley method, you don’t have to spend your money to qualify for big prizes.

To start the Parley method, you need to decide the amount to bet first. And increase the bet amount when you win. However, if you lose in a row, you must reduce your bet to the first amount. The other should be taken into account 1 single important point is the highest amount of prize money. This is important information in determining the appropriate stop time.

Here, we will introduce an example of using the Parley method with roulette.

The first bet amount is € 10 and the highest prize is € 80. Bet on red and get a one- to- one refund.

Bet € 10 on red before the first spin. If the expected hits, 2 € to red in the round of betting 20 you bet. 2 If the hit is also expected of the time. 3 € to the red in the round of betting 40 you bet. If the third prediction is correct, you have reached the highest prize you have set. € 80, and repeat the same process from the beginning. Remember to return the bet amount to € 10.

The above example, where the four predictions were correct, is great. But unfortunately you can lose in this process, so you ‘ll need to return your bet to the original € 10.

Many beginners ask why they set the highest prize amount. Setting the maximum prize amount is not obligatory and is recommended. But doing so will help you to make a profit in the end. If you don’t set a maximum prize amount, you put your winnings at great risk. It is possible to lose everything if a long series of losses continues.

In the version of Parlay betting referred to as “Paroli,” which is employed exclusively with even-odds wagers. The limit could also be three consecutive wins. But in practice many craps players will press their bets for four wins during a row or perhaps more. While benefiting from side bets or by “taking odds.” They reason that the likelihood of success on the following bet is often about 50:50. Therefore the risk-reward ratio warrants shooting for yet one more big win.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of using the Parley method is that you can use the winnings you earn to keep playing. So you can win a decent prize in a short period of time without risking your own money. You should set the amount of the highest prize. Otherwise, the result may be very disappointing.

The disadvantage is that the Parley method is not an efficient method in the long run. Keep in mind that any betting system, not just the Parley method, can affect the outcome of the game. But you can avoid wasting your money.

Parley method in blackjack

The Parley method, along with the Martingale method, is the most used betting system in blackjack, but experienced players consider it an extreme method. The reason for Pare method has been an extreme method, the amount of money to bet every time you win 2 because it must to the times. Given this fact, it’s not easy to keep much of the profit when you’re winning. It is important to set the maximum prize amount here.

If we’re just talking about blackjack, the Parley method is supposed to take advantage of winning streak.

Many players have not used this method for more than 3 sessions. These players have access to split and double down options. If you win three or more games in a row, you should still be profitable even after losing several games in a row.

Parley method in baccarat

The fact that using the Pare method in Baccarat, the amount of money to bet 2 in addition to the fact that to the times, we also mean that even prize money won in the previous cycle to add. You can repeat this process as many times as you like or until you lose. Like blackjack and baccarat, horse racing uses the parley method.

Parley method in roulette

The Pare method does not come involved complex calculations in, online casino roulette bet system that can be most easily available in 1 is one. Before you start playing, you need to set the amount to bet first and the amount of the highest winnings. Unlike other systems, the Parley method does not have the restriction that you only have to bet even money.

What is the logic behind the Parlay betting system?

The strategy is to multiply winnings exponentially, not unlike accumulating interest on an investment. Except its simplicity, what makes the Parlay betting system attractive is that wagers remain small when the player is losing. And that they grow progressively larger when winning, fueled by the House’s own money. For relatively little risk, there’s the potential for big payouts. Neither is Parlay betting by any means limited to even money wagers. A roulette player may choose to parlay a win on one number by betting all or a number of the 35 units won on the identical number to repeat. Essentially, any variety of bet could also be parlayed any number of times within the betting limits of the sport being played.

Why is that the Parlay betting system flawed?

Successive winnings are being required for the Parlay betting system to figure and, at some instance, all streaks must come to an end. For that aim, the success of Parlay wagering depends totally upon knowing when to finish a series of wins and gather the profits. When a crap bettor gets “on a roll,” the outcome is to over play it and “let it ride” one too again and again, repeatedly. If profits aren’t taken, intervening losses can’t be covered. And unless short streaks of wins are rather frequent, the system might not gather sufficient momentum to hide the losses in any event.

Moreover, as soon as Parlay gambles and bets are being made at odds on top of even money, the probability of making it safe quite is that the two wins in a very row falls quite low, so it is wise to not “let it ride”—at least not all of the winnings; the ratio of risk to reward simply doesn’t warrant such gambling with otherwise guaranteed profits. Again, the foremost important decision a Parlay bettor can make is to quit while ahead.

Can the Parlay Betting System Bring Players Regular Wins?

There is no repudiating that one of the most largest advantage of this roulette betting system is that while engaging it. Gambling devotees will use the money they need from the casino for his or her further wagers, rather than putting their own personal money on the road.

Although this can be one in every of the foremost probable explanations of why many casino enthusiasts are intrigued by this betting system, they must not forget that roulette may be a game that’s supported pure chance, which is that the reason why betting systems, the Parlay included, ultimately end up to be ineffective.

Perhaps, a number of you would possibly bear in mind of what gamblers’ fallacy is. But if you’re not, you wish to understand that this term is employed to explain the understanding that if a selected event takes place. Recurrently, that very same event becomes less likely to be repeated within the future, and the other way around.

Apparently, this is often a widespread misconception among gambling enthusiasts. And roulette lovers, specifically, but what they fail to require under consideration is that the indisputable fact that each spin of the game equipment is an independent trial of a random process. And viewing the various rounds as interrelated events are going to be a very wrongful approach.

Such erroneous beliefs are often related to the sport of roulette as casino enthusiasts. Often fall prey to the thought that if a selected number has not become a winning one for a few times, it’ll certainly do so soon.

Betting systems neither reach decreasing the house advantage nor give players better chances of winning. Irrespective of how you may adjust the wagers you create. Whether you may expand or lessen them after a win or a loss, it’s inevitable to lose to the casino.


It takes a streak to make the Parley method work, but any streak will eventually end. Therefore, the success of the Parley method depends on determining when to stop. When you win consecutive craps, you often end up playing more than you need to.

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