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SPORTS BETTING is a hot topic for betting on all sports at online casino world. Many people are into it nowadays and you will often hear or read in some article the most common question they have in mind and that is “Sports betting looks very interesting, but I don’t understand how it works and how to bet”. In this article we will explain thoroughly the meaning of sports betting, how it works, where to bet and examples of it. Once you know and understand the meaning of sports betting watching sports for a dozen of times will be more and more interesting!

What is a sports betting?

In Japan many Japanese talented players such as baseball, soccer, and basketball have become more active overseas during the years in the international sports event like Olympics, FIBA, NBA, etc. and many sports fans have begun to watch games across the national borders. At the same time, more and more people are interested in sports betting due to their love and support on the players of their favorite sports.

A sports betting is a gambling game in which you will bet a real money in anticipation of the results of various sports games like basketball, football and horse racing, and you use a place or choose an online casino website most probably the sites where offer sports betting where you bet by an overseas operating company called a bookmaker. Sports bet is also known as sports betting or sports books in the world of online gambling. There are sports lottery such as horse racing, bicycle racing, boat racing, auto racing, and toto as public gambling, but the big difference is the scale, the abundant number of sports, and the type of betting in Japan.

The range is of betting is very huge, from popular sports such as soccer, football, basketball to minor sports and e-sports. If for example you are a sports avid fan, this is a sports book that you definitely want to try. It’s very easy to get started online just create your account in a bookmaker website, make a deposit and choose the player or team that you want to put your bet on! The popularity of soccer, what the like can be bet on a game that is played in more than 80 countries around the world countries, bookmakers in Japan has also increased to cater the popularity of sports betting.

How to play sports bet online

Now that you already know what the meaning of sports betting is, lets discuss on how to play sportsbet online. If you really into sportsbet and want to try it then the first thing you will do is to sign up or create an account to online casino or bookmaker that you can play online. Most operating companies bookmakers have their sites open online but make sure that choose a bookmaker site that is trustworthy and legit to avoid being scam.

Among them, you can see a long-established store with a long history as a physical store on the ground. Online sportsbet is very easy to play from your home by using your computer, laptop or mobile device, and you can play anywhere and anytime! In other words, you can also bet live on the other side of the globe! By this you can skip or miss any games that you like to put your bet. And anywhere there are also many sites that deal with live betting. This site is also known as In-Play, this is a feature that allows you to bet on ongoing games, matches and races.

You will feel the excitement to the maximum level as the odds constantly fluctuate as the match progresses! To fully enjoy your first time in sports betting, some sites offer benefits or promotion such as welcome bonuses for first-time players!

History of Sports betting

Betting on Sports, did you know that sportsbet have a long history of over 200 years already? And it was all started or born in England. A little trivia on you, the origin of the most popular horse racing and soccer is in England. The bookmakers are said to have started in the new market Race course in England in the late 1790s. Some said that it seems that a person whose name is Harry Okden started to add the odds to racehorses or horse racing competition.

And right after that, it seems that the British government officially approved it in the 1960s as the number of people participating in said horse race betting have increase rapidly. And if you think about it, Japanese horse racing is also one of the derivatives of the bookmaker, and so don’t you think it’s a bit or deeply emotional?

In modern days or today to be exact, sports bets have become one of the huge markets of over 300+ trillion yen when it comes to gambling. And in addition to long-established bookmakers with physical stores. There are also bookmakers that are sponsors and partners of the Premier League, etc., and their evolution will not stop and will keep on moving to the new trends today.

Step by step process on how to bet on sports betting

The step by step process of how to bet on sportsbet will be depending on the sports, the betting method will always be different. In below details, we will briefly explain how to bet on basic sports bets. You’ll find it a bit surprisingly very easy, and you will love it!

Steps to bet on sports bets

  • 1: Select and click the sports you want to place your bet with
  • 2: Select and click on the odds you want to bet on
  • 3: Enter your stake
  • 4: Secure your bet
  • 5: Check your bet results on the history page when the match is over
  • 6: Request withdrawal if you win
Sportsbet return rate (RTP)

One of the important things or details that you need to know about sports bets is the high return rate. The return rate is the rate of refund for the amount use by the player. In Japan’s public gambling, horse racing has 72 up to 80% RTP while one of the famous boat racing events has about 75% RTP. While on the other hand, the bookmaker’s return rate is usually about up to 95%. In other words, sports betting made by bookmakers boasts a very high return rate even in gambling. This type of gambling game is a bit or very easy for players to and win money.

Most of the bookmaker sites in modern days also have a cash out (Withdrawal) or cash in (Deposit) feature that allows you to cancel a game once you have placed a bet before the results are available, which is also a great way to keep your bet losses low. It can be said to be one of the factors of the return rate. But be careful because some of the bookmakers have a charge fee if you will try to cancel your bets.

Sports Betting Odds

Sports betting odds will vary depending on the sport and match of your choice. So, once you have decided and choose the player is sports that you want to bet on. Just check and click the odds on the site. For example, one of the most popular sports in sports betting is the soccer game. In addition to the popular premium league. There are many booker makers who can bet on league games, cup games, international competitions, and the J League all over the world. And each one of them has a wide range or variety of odds. There are so many to choose from and kind of sports that you can bet on!

Although the sports betting started from horse racing, nowadays there are many sports that you can choose in many bookmakers’ website. Now you can bet on esports and virtual sports in addition to various sports. Below we will introduce some of the most popular sports including e-sports.

Popular Sports Game
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
Not so popular Sports Game
  • Snooker
  • Darts
  • Canoe
  • Daughter Two
  • E-soccer
  • Counter Strike
  • Dota
  • E-basketball
Virtual Sports betting
  • Soccer Virtual
  • Basketball Virtual
  • Horse racing Virtual
How to choose a safe and trustworthy Bookmaker

In modern days it is said that there are more than a thousand bookmakers currently in existence. But unfortunately, due to popularity and many bookmakers that has been opening lately. There are also malicious or scammed bookmakers where they will only get your money same with your winnings. However, you can still play safely if you avoid dangerous and suspicious websites. First, choose a safe licensed online bookmaker! Reliable licenses are issue by governments such as the Republic of Malta, Curacao, British Gibraltar, Philippines and the United Kingdom. You can earn money or enjoy it as entertainment! And enjoy watching sports with excitement with live sports betting!

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