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Craps game is the only casino game where players have direct control over the outcome. We can affect the game by rolling these dice with our own hands.스포츠토토

We all know if money is involved people will cheat or at least they’ll try to in this video. In this article, I will discuss ways to stop dice cheating.

The top 5 types of dice cheating:

  1. Perfect cubes

Dice are made to an exact specification most use a 3/4 inch precision-cut certified perfectly shaped and balanced cube to ensure an even distribution of the rolls. Their mates tolerance is less than 1/3 of the thickness of a human hair now that’s like 110 thousand of an inch if they weren’t perfect, the dice won’t roll fairly.

  • Rules

Instituting the rules to prevent players from cheating. For instance, you can only hold the dice with one this prevents players from swapping dice out or swapping their crooked dice. They also ask when you roll that you hit the back wall.

  • Serial Numbers

Casino serial numbers usually come in a pack of five with matching serial numbers if a player tries to swap out a dice with a different dice to say they’re going to get caught.

  • Sharp Corners

Most board games have dice with rounded corners but in casinos, they’re always going to be sharp. These sharp corners grab the felt and cause them to bounce in all kinds of funny ways. If the dice were biased in some way or weighted on one side a rounded dice would tend to show this bias more.

  •  Translucency

Dice are made of a form of transparent plastic. You can see right through them making it very difficult to hide weights or tamper with them in some way.

Top 6 dice cheating in Craps

  • Pip Drilling

Dots on the dice are made called pips and they aren’t painted or printed on, they’re actually drilled out and filled with a special paint or epoxy that is the same density of the plastic so this ensures that even though there are like six pips on this side and there’s only one on this side that the weight is still perfect.

  • Key Letter Spot

You may never have noticed this one but in mini casino dice, they add number or letter to the backside of the pips. I you get the angle you able to see it.

  • Glow Spots

Some casino use pips that actually change color under UV lights.

  • Casino Logo

This is nice marketing for the casino but it’s also simple added layer of protection against counterfeiting of dying.

Dice change

Fresh dice are brought and this can happen at anytime even during a long hot roll. It will often happen during a shift change.


The eye in the sky, every game is watched and recorded on the camera with a team. Dedicated to watching that to play fair. Also the table crew is there keeping a watch at all times and they even have mirrors along the side of the craps tables to give them a better view.

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