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How to Make Payment Online

Payment Methods: Common Types used for Cash Out

Payment methods are the most important part in an online casino.

In this topic we will thoroughly explain the payment methods that was commonly used at an online casino for cash out that support Japanese. The payment method of online casinos often changes and rapidly growing. So, if a new payment method introduces and comes out or becomes unavailable in the future. We will change it from time to time because we want you to be updated every time. 토토

Table of Contents

  1. Types of Payment Options
    1. Prepaid/Virtual Cards
    2. Bank remittance
    3. Electronic payment services
    4. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin
  2. Recommended payment service
    1. I-Wallet
    2. Sticpay
    3. Tigerpay
    4. Venus Point
    5. Ecopayz


It is being use for depositing money for you to be able to start playing your favorite games and if you won from it. You’ll be needing payment method to get your winnings.

A. Prepaid/Virtual Cards

Prepaid or Virtual cards are used in an online casino for cash out though not all casinos offer this payment method for withdrawal. But some offers it, this payment method have similar services and actually work like web wallets.

It has a 16-digit numbers that is randomly generated, the card has complete details with a card verification number and expiration date. They are also having the same with feature with the traditional credit cards do without the need for a physical card. Customers are required to have an online account that they can load with money. And use for buying or paying items and can be use in depositing at online casino. 토토

They can also request a withdrawal using this card at an online casino, but this option would cost you only a small amount of charge fee. Most online casinos tend to process transactions through this type rather fast than other payment method. After the online casino check if your pending withdrawal is okay to process. Then they will approve it right away and you can get your money within 24 hours.

B. Bank Remittance

Bank remittance is one of the easiest ways to process your withdrawal because you can just send money directly to a domestic bank. 토토

And even the new customers in an online casino can easily withdraw money. But on the other side, it’s a bit time consuming and the charge fees are a bit high. So, even though most online casinos have this as one of the options when it comes to making a cash out there are not many players use this kind of payment method. Also, currently in Japan there are only few casinos offers bank remittance the reason is that the deposits must also be made from the bank. And majority does not recommend these payments as a withdrawal method because there are cases where the bank refuses it.

C. Electronic payment services (E-wallets)

Electronic payment services or E-wallets for short is one of the most popular cash out method not only in Japan. But also in most of the overseas online casinos.

It is an online service, or software program that allows you to make an electronic transaction with another party to purchase some products, goods, services or to make a deposit and cash out at an online casino. The perfect example is purchasing items thru online using your personal computer or using a smartphone to purchase something at a store. In many online casinos there are several types of electronic payment services. Each payment method has its own pros and cons, like charges fees, processing time, withdrawal limit and ect.

D. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

In the beginning of online casino cryptocurrencies wasn’t included in the payment method options. But nowadays more and more online casinos can use cryptocurrencies and you will see it available on their websites.

The leading crypto that you will usually see in most online casino is still Bitcoin. And there are many online casinos that can use Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether. As they are one of the fastest payment methods in many casinos and the good thing about it is they have no fees. But if you want to withdraw into cash, it will take some time and effort again, but it is quite convenient in terms of simply cashing from most of an online casino. The difficulty about it is that the market is a bit unpredictable, unlike the dollar and euro.

As the cryptocurrencies is becoming more popular in the online casino industry. It is now one of the newest deposit methods and casino withdrawal methods today. There are many options to choose from, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether and many more. If you are looking for fast and reliable deposit and withdrawal method, you can use them at most top online casino. However, cryptocurrencies are still on progress and they haven’t achieved the top spot yet. And when it comes to the most used payment method in online casino in this case. Not so many casino operators have the crypto features alongside the e-wallets and credit cards as the online payment methods.

Recommended Payment Services

Though there are a lot of payment methods nowadays that the online casino industry is offering. That’s why we have selected the top payment method just for you. That you can use with peace of mind and are supported by most of the online casino users. If you don’t know where to use, please refer to the details below:

A. I-Wallet

I-Wallet is one of the most popular payment services with very fast withdrawal transaction not only in an online casino.

Previously, they allowed you to make a withdrawal money directly from convenience store ATMs using a dedicated prepaid card, but now they suspended this service. I-wallet used to be one of the popular payment services in an online casino. One of the main reasons is that the fees are a bit high, but other than that, there are no particular reasons or problem. But the number of online casinos that using i-wallet as one of their payment methods are decreasing day by day.

B. Sticpay

Sticpay is offering a wide range of financial services, and it was perfectly fits for every gambler who is starter at online casino. Or for those who are already betting but haven’t tried this payment both in Japan and internationally.

We have a perfect suggestion for you that you might use for a starter and that would be the Sticpay as it combines both of these deposit methods. Regardless of all the positive side that Sticpay have for depositing in online casino industry. It’s popularity is still underrated and lots of players use less of the convenient options to play online casino games instead of choosing the easy way. Sticpay is a type of e-wallet payment method that is absolutely great for those who prefer quick and easy deposits and withdrawals. And those who don’t want to create a separate wallet for online gambling purposes.

C. Tigerpay

Tigerpay is one of the rising payment methods in an online casino in Asia.

Though it is not yet well-known internationally, but this payment method has the ability to be one of the most popular e-wallets in an online casino industry. The transaction of withdrawal using this payment method is very fast and reliable. Creating and account for Tigerpay is also very simple and fast you just need to fill up some details. And upload a valid document and they will approve your request right away. So we highly recommend this payment method specially for those are starting their betting experience online.

D. Venus Point

Venus points is a payment method that works with a points system. Creating Venus point account though online is very fast and convenient it doesn’t have to wait for any long to approve your Venus point account.

It is converted at 1 point and 1 dollar and can be send to a domestic bank. One of the biggest advantages of Venus Points is that it has a low fees, which is highly recommended for those who want to keep the fees as low as possible. However, the number of online casinos who have Venus point as their payment method is only few. As to these days most of them are casinos who cater Japanese market. The main office of this payment method is located in Japan though its origin was from Japan it only has supported currency which is USD

E. Ecopayz

Ecopayz is the most popular online casino payment method in Japan and overseas.

The main reason why Ecopayz is so popular is that there are many online casinos use this because of its reliability and the transaction using this payment method is safe and secured. To be honest, the fee is a bit high, but you can withdraw without any problems at all. And if you choose high-speed local withdrawal, it is also attractive that you can deposit to the bank the next day. However, please note that some banks may refuse to transfer money from Ecopayz.

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