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ONLINE CASINO GAMES: Which Online Casino Games Should I Play?

Due to its huge success, online casinos have attracted so much attention from a lot of people specially for those who loves to gamble for fun. Because they allow you to enjoy immersive casino games at the comfort of your home. And the main point is that casinos and gambling can be both played as online games. During the pandemic a lot of people are spending more and more time at home. That is why many people are considering making an account for an online casino to play some games and some are to relieve themselves from boredom. In this article we will briefly explain different type of games in online casinos. For those who are considering to play at online casinos, we will give you tips and advice on what kind of games can you be playing at online casinos.

1. Table game – Card Game

Among online casino games one of the most popular games is the table games. Under table games there are a lot of categories to choose from that you can actually enjoy playing. Here are the lists:

BlackJack – this type of online casino game against dealers. And the rule is that the closer the total number of cards dealt is to “21”, the high chance of winnings.

Baccarat – Online casino baccarat is a game where you can guess the result between the cards the player or the banker wins. And if the card results are the same it is called TIE. The rules are very simple, the game progresses quickly. And it is also preferred by high rollers players of most online casino.

Poker – In online casino table games poker is one of the most popular. A rule that competes for the strength of a role by making a role (hand) with 5 cards in a game that requires psychological warfare.

There are many types of poker games, but I will give you the most popular types.
  1. Texas Hold’em Poker – A poker game that can be played by 2 to 10 players. Where players compete by creating roles with a common card (community card) and hand.
  2. Pai Gow Poker – In a game where you play against a dealer. The rule is to divide the 7 cards dealt into 5 and 2 cards to create a role and compete.

This site introduces these three poker games. Video Poker, Three Card Poker, and Stud Poker are also popular games for Japanese people and can also be played at most online casinos.

Dragon Tiger – This type of online casino table games is very similar to baccarat, but the first card dealt determines the outcome. The rule to win this game whether the fictitious player Dragon or Tiger wins. 

 2. Table game – Dice Game

Not all table games at online casino are using table cards. Table games also include types of games using dice and it was called Sic Bo.

Sic Bo – Sic Bo is a simple rule game where you roll three dice at the same time and hit the eyes. There are a lot of choices that you can place your bets and you can place multiple bets in one round.

3.  Additional Games

In addition to table games, online casinos also have casino-specific board and machine gambling games. Which can be played at online casinos as well. And Pontoon game is one of them.

Roulette – Roulette is a game in which the dealer turns the wheel and guesses where the ball will fall. There are three types: European roulette, American roulette, and French roulette.

Money Wheel – A game in which you turn a circular panel with numbers and guess where to stop.

Slot Game – You can play in the online casino, which is the same as pachinko and slots in Japan. It is a rule that you win by turning the reel and aligning a specific pattern (symbol). Especially in online casinos, there are various types of slots depending on the site (provider). And there may be hundreds of types in one site. It is popular as a game that even beginners of casinos and gambling can easily play because you can play from bed to play to stop with the touch of a button. There are three main types of slots.

Types of Slots
  • Reel type slot – A slot for aligning rotating symbols. The feature is that you can play without any difficult knowledge because it is simple with few reels. The graphics are outstanding, and it is a game that you can enjoy just by looking at it.
  • Grid type slot – A slot where the symbol falls from above. You will get a victory when the symbols are in a specific combination. You can earn explosively by aiming at the chain. This game is recommended for intermediate slot players, as some types have a large number of reels, and the rules may be difficult.
  • Jackpot mounting slot – Slot with jackpot function. The amount bet is pooled, and the person who wins the jackpot can collect all the prizes.
4. Live casino

Online casino is a service that allows you to play casino online at home or on the go using your computer or smartphone. But in reality, it has a function that allows you to enjoy a more realistic and realistic casino. It’s a live casino. A live casino is a casino where you can enjoy playing casino face-to-face with a real dealer by installing a WEB camera in the real casino. In the case of a normal game, it is a game against a computer. But in a live casino, the actual dealer on the spot advances the game.

The functions and types of games that can get play vary depending on the site. But there are also live casinos that have a chat function, so you can enjoy while communicating with the dealer. There is no casino in Japan, so if you want to enjoy a real casino, you have to go abroad. However, with live casinos, you can enjoy realistic casino games from home without having to go abroad. The types of games that can get play at the live casino are as follows.

Types of Live Casino
  • Baccarat Live – Speed ​​Baccarat / Lightning Baccarat / Baccarat Squeeze / Baccarat Control Squeeze / Punt Banco
  • Blackjack Live – Infinite Blackjack / Free Bet Blackjack / Speed ​​Blackjack / Blackjack Party / Blackjack VIP
  • Poker Live – Casino Hold’em / Two Hand Casino Hold’em / Extreme Texas Hold’em / Triple Card Poker
  • Roulette Live – Lightning Roulette / Speed ​​Roulette / Auto Roulette / Immersible Roulette / Double Ball Roulette
  • Other live casinos – Super Sic Bo / Dragon Tiger / Monopoly Live / Dream Catcher / Football studio
5. Sports book

There are various types of sites in online casinos. But some sites allow you to bet on sports games in real time and enjoy sports betting. You can bet not only on royal road games such as the World Cup and J League, but also on minor sports games and virtual games. It is a service that allows you to enjoy sports and gambling at the same time. Even beginners of gambling can feel free to participate.

What kind of games are popular with Japanese people at online casinos?

I want to challenge an online casino, but I don’t know which game to play because there are too many types. For such people, I tried to rank the games that are popular with Japanese people.

  1. 1st place: Slot game – Although it is easy to play, it is a game familiar to Japanese people and is very popular. Especially in online casinos, each site has its own unique slot game. So you can enjoy various types of the same slot game and you’ll not get tired of it for a long time.
  2. 2nd place: Live Casino – For Japan, where there is no real casino, live casino is a valuable game where you can enjoy the authentic atmosphere. You can enjoy the game with a real dealer through a web camera. So you can feel as if you are in a real casino while you are in Japan.
  3. 3rd place: Baccarat – Baccarat is a classic casino game, also known as the “King of Casinos”. The game originated in France, but the rules are simple and easy, so even Japanese people can easily enjoy it.
What kind of games are not popular (unpopular) in online casinos?

On the other hand, what kind of games are not popular in online casinos? Please use it as a reference when choosing a game.

Pai Gow Poker – It’s a very simple and easy-to-play game, but it’s actually not very popular.

What kind of games are easy to make money at online casinos?

When looking for a profitable game at an online casino, it is important to refer to the “payout rate”. The payout rate is the ratio of the amount bet by the player to the amount refund by the management side. Also, regardless of the payout rate, the next game is also a relatively profitable game.

  • Roulette – It will be easier to make money if you bet only on red and black with double odds.
  • Slot – The payout rate is as high as 85-95%. There are various types of slots for each online casino site. But finding a model that suits you and is easy to play will make it even more profitable.


Video poker with elements like slot games. In order to win efficiently, it is recommend to play using the winning method and basic strategy. And it is always good to set a large bet amount (MAXBET) and play. Also, for players who want to keep winning, we recommend playing with the classic Jacks or Better. Where you can get a payout even with one pair of Jacks. The winning percentage is quite high, so it’s also suitable when you want to acquire your own poker skills.

Video poker, which is also popular in card games, can enjoy silently by one person. In the United States, it is so popular that it’s say to be like pachinko or pachislot in Japan. Of course, it’s fun to play at a real land casino, but it’s also difficult to travel abroad or take a long vacation. At such times, why not play video poker at home at an online casino?

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