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Beginner Guide – Online Casino Introduction in Online Gambling World

In these generation everything is evolving including gambling from land base to online, what is an online casino? I will thoroughly explain it point to point as your beginner guide. An online casino is also called an internet casino normally located overseas and you can access the website through internet. So, if you are living in Japan, you can access it though your computer or smartphones using internet because as of now it is still illegal to gamble in Japan. Online casino like land base casino will give you an entertainment that allows you to enjoy casinos on the web thorough your mobile phones or computer.

They have a lot of games for a beginner like you that you can choose and play from. Table games such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker and dice which are very common in most casinos. The slot machines have a different feature like wild, scatter and free spins that will give you the chance to get a huge jackpot and lots of money, from casinos to live casinos that broadcast live game on their websites. And lastly the sportsbook which is one of the top betting games nowadays from basketball, baseball, football, horse racing and etc. These types of betting games feature all the major sports league in the whole world.


1. Online casino EGAON777 is a very friendly and easy casino even for beginners
A. The return rate is the most important details that the online casino beginner need to know
B. EGAON777 is very safe for players, they can even try it for free
C. One of the most appealing online casinos
D. Even if you have a minimum funds to deposit or bet it is possible here
1. Online casino EGAON777 is a very friendly and easy casino even for beginners

Online casino was introduced to the world at around year of 1996 when the internet has been accessible to huge number of individuals that using it. And day by day users has been increasing, and as of this time thousands of online casinos are operating all over the world. To reach all the casino enthusiast who doesn’t want to go to land base or don’t have enough time on their hand. Surprisingly the number of Japanese online casinos has been increasing as per recent statistic. It was said that the Japanese players whose playing in an overseas casino exceeded to 22 million and still counting.

Most online casinos are open 24 hours a day so players can enjoy online casinos 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As long as they have stable internet connection, a working computers or mobile phones. And money to place a bet and experience the fun of online gambling. There are a lot of online casinos on the internet some are already in the business for a long period of time. And some has just been starting their business or journey. So, if you are a new customer to online casino there is one thing that you need to consider upon choosing which casino to play. And that is if the casino site is friendly and easy to navigate.

We highly recommend EGAON777 to a beginner like you, on this website you can easily navigate where you can read all the terms they have. Games are also listed in per type, promotions are also simple with a lower wagering multiplier compared to other casino. And they also have video on how to use their website including the details on how to use their payment method for you to deposit or withdraw.

A. The return rate is the important details that the online casino beginners need to know

If you are a beginner at online casino or to gambling. One of the things that you need to know is the return to player percentage or RTP of each game that you want to try or play with. The RTP is a numerical value indicating how much the bet amount will be returned to you. All these details are searchable on the internet and to be more accurate all you need to do is open the game you want to play. And it is indicated in there like for example if you are into table games. One of the most popular gaming provider of it is EVOLUTION GAMING. In each game that they have RTP is indicated so you can rest assure that it is accurate.

There are different RTP when it comes to online casino games like slot games, table games, game show and sports betting. Leading the online casino games with percentage of RTP is the slot games. Which is a very good news to all the Japanese online casino beginner enthusiast. Because they are well-known to love the pachinko game which is very similar to online slot game. The payout rate that online slot games have is as high as 90-99%. And on top of these you can also have chance to take home a huge amount of money. Because some casino gives promotions that is exclusive to slot games only. This bonus is an extra credit when you deposit a certain amount of money.

And slot games itself usually have features like scatter, wild and free spins. That you can have additional funds without betting your real money. And if you choose a casino that doesn’t have a wagering requirement, you’ll get your winning money immediately.

B. EGAON777 is very safe for players, you can even try it for free

If you are looking for an online casino that is safe and you can enjoy playing without playing a real money. We highly recommend EGAON777. Though this online casino is new in the industry it is now one of the rising online casinos in Japan. Aside from the fact that their website is a user friendly including the customer support. They have a massive list of bonuses that attract customers to place a deposit and get a bonus to add on their funds. List of games on this casino are also popular from slot games, table games, live games show and sports betting.

And one of their features that you can take advantage for is that they offer a 1,000 YEN free trial funds for you to try their games. But even though you won from it you cannot withdraw the winnings since it was a trial funds. But the good thing is that you can choose a game where you can place your real money. And you’ve experienced all the games that is available in online casino. And if you don’t find any games that pick your interest you can still search for another online casinos. But other casinos don’t offer free trial and you are not 100% sure that it’s safe to play their website.

C. One of the most appealing online casinos

Online casinos are everywhere on the internet just search for it and you’ll get a thousand list of online casinos. Since the competition is a bit tight in online casino industry nowadays. Most casinos are introducing a lot of promotions for their customers. Aside from that they are focusing too in making their website design more appealing to people. Like for example, on the front page of casino websites they are putting a picture and color that is very appealing. And also the common details that you can see in most casinos is the jackpot amount that they offer. So the customers will be encourage to deposit and make a bet hoping that they will get the jackpot prize.

So, if you want to make money from gambling, best choice for you is to start playing online casinos now. But make sure to choose a safe and secured casino where you can cash out your winnings in shorter period of time. Just keep in mind that as long as you meet all the requirements set by the online casino. You won’t have to worry about cashing your winnings. For a beginner, better prepare your payment method, a valid ID and completing the wagering requirement.

D. Even if you have a small funds to deposit or bet it is possible here

There are thousands of online casinos all over the world. Just go on your browser and search for an online casino. And you’ll find a long list whether it is arrange per country, based on popularity or an online casino who is on top. But every casino has different set of amounts in terms of funding player’s account.

Some have a high minimum amount of funds that needed to accept your deposit to start your betting. But in EGAON777 casino they are one of the casinos with the lowest minimum amount to deposit. You if are a beginner or one of the players who just want to try an online game but don’t have a courage to put a big amount of money this casino is the best choice for you. The games on their website also offers one of the lowest minimum bet amounts in the online casino industry from slot to table games.

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