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Cash-Out: 5 Brief explanation on how to make a withdrawal at Online Casinos

Will explain the “Can we make a cash-out at online casino?” in a more detailed way. So, please see below for details. Most players at online casinos concerns are on how to cash-out their deposit, bonuses, and winnings. Who wouldn’t right? So, I make a brief explanation on how to make a cash out of online casinos. We hope that you can refer to the method and type of cash out, how long it will take to process, and whether you can receive it in Japan.

Table of Contents

A. Can we cash-out at online casino?
B. How to cash-out at an online casino?
C. It’s easy to cash-out at online casinos
D. Cash-out process at online casino
E. What you need to be able to cash-out

You don’t have to worry about your money as long as you meet all the needed conditions and requirements. Because you can cash-out any time you want! Of course, we still advise you to be more careful on choosing the online casino that you are going to deposit your money with. 토토

A. Can we cash out at online casino?

As mentioned in the other article on this website, playing in online casinos that is not located in Japan is currently gray as of now. Though it is not 100% illegal. But customers specially the high roller players can still play anytime they want and can immediately cash out their winnings.

Online casinos are mostly operated overseas by companies in other country. So, it was really a nightmare if you deposit money at online casino and won but won’t be able to withdraw it. But no need to worry we can assure you that as long as you complete the necessary requirement set by the casinos you can make a cash out anytime you want. Processing time may vary depending on the payment method that you are using, processing time set by the online casino, or your location.

Most online casinos are requiring their players to submit documents before they release your withdrawal. So, if you encounter an online casino that doesn’t require documents. Please be wary of that one they may hold your money for a long period of time or worst they won’t give it back to you.  Many customers play at online casinos every day and withdraw the winning money to local banks in Japan. Unless you have an online casino or payment service in Japan, both are overseas, so you can cash in and cash out with confidence.

Since there have been a lot of online casinos nowadays, it is safe to avoid using online casinos that you do not understand well. The major online casinos that are used by many Japanese people mostly very easy to use and are safe. So, we highly recommend them for you to play safe and secure. 토토

B. How to cash out at an online casino?

There are a lot of ways to get or cash out your winnings at an online casino. You can use the payment method available on the website of online casino that you’re playing at. However, the payment methods that can be used vary depending on the online casino, and they differ depending on whether you are depositing or withdrawing (cashing). Therefore, the available cashing methods vary depending on the online casino you use, so be careful when choosing an online casino. Most top online casinos have a lot of payment method form debit cards, local banks, e-wallet (electronic wallet), cryptocurrencies and bitcoins. Also keep in mind that some payment method has charge fee’s depending on the percentage that the casino will put. But if you are playing at well-known and stable online casino’s mostly the fee is free of charge.

If you feel uneasy, we highly recommend one of the most rising popular online casinos in Japan which is EGAON777. The most popular, safe and secured payment methods are available on their website. The payment website is very easy to understand, and the important point is that the speed of deposits and withdrawals is so fast. So, we highly recommend it to high roller customers and specially for those who are beginning their journey at online casinos.

C. It’s easy to cash out at online casinos

Since online casinos sites are located overseas, many online players have these thinking that cashing out is very difficult. And they might not be able to withdraw their winning or money. But it’s very easy you just must pick the online casino with a very good reputation. Depending on the online casino that you are going to play, some cash out the processing time is fast. 토토

In some online casinos you can withdraw your money or winnings in just a few minutes. So you don’t even have time to rush just make sure that you’ve finish all the necessary procedure set by the online casino. Like submitting documents or finishing the rollover/wagering requirements. It’s easy to misunderstand, but even if the online casino itself withdraws money immediately. The time it takes to withdraw money from a payment service to a domestic account is different.

For example, one of the most popular and has many users which is Ecopayz, it may take several days at the earliest the next day, with Saturdays and Sundays in between. It is good if you send money directly from the casino or use virtual currency, but if you use the payment service, it is safe to wait for 1-2 days before you finally get it as cash. However, cash out itself is not difficult. So, if you think of it as a reason why you are worried about using an online casino, don’t worry at all.

D. Cash out process at online casino

This is the step-by-step process on how the actual cash out or withdrawal works at an online casino, we will explain thoroughly the flow of cash out using the most popular payment method that has a lot of users base on our research which is I-WALLET:
1. First, select a payment method from the online casino website on the withdrawal section. Select or input your desired amount to withdraw.
2. Next, process the withdrawal from the payment method to the desired financial institution.
3. If all goes well, it will be credited to your domestic bank account within 1-3 days at the earliest and the next day at the latest.

This is a simple process when you make a cash out or withdrawal at an online casino. Most people use this process for cash out which is the recommended withdrawal method because it’s safe, secured and reliable. Some payment method or service is the a bit troublesome at first, but once you set up an account and start using it. It’s a very simple procedure, just decide the withdrawal amount you like and then make a withdrawal all done!

E. What you need to be able to cash out

There are several things you need to cash in at an online casino. It’s a must-have for any online casino, so if you don’t, be prepared in advance. By the way, there are some things you don’t need if you just play at an online casino. So please be careful not to be in trouble when you make a withdrawal. 토토

Identification Card (ID)

Most online casinos require their players to send an Identification card or valid ID. You will need to provide such as a driver’s license or passport, with a photo of your face, name birthday, address, etc.. This is to confirm if your details created on the website matches on your ID. Depending on the online casino, you may need to take a photo with your upper body or a separate face photo. It is a form of taking an ID card with a camera and sending it to their customer service or by just uploading it to online casino website.

Proof of Address (POA)

Many online casinos require additional documents aside from your valid ID. They advise you to send an electricity / water / gas statement, invoice, and resident’s card. There are various cases, such as when it is OK to live in the name of a family member (with the same surname), and when it is not in the name of the person.

Proof of Income (POI)

Not all but some casino will ask you to send a proof of income. They will base it on the amount that you are depositing if they think that you are always reaching their maximum amount of deposit. They might ask you to provide this type of document to verify if you are financially capable. We don’t really know the basis of this one but just to gives you a heads up.

Credit/Debit Card Copy

The cashing methods available in Japan are mainly payment services or virtual currencies. But credit/debit card are considered one of the top payment methods use for deposit and withdrawal. And since this type of payment method can be stolen or loss. Some online casinos are requiring their player to send a copy or card to verify if it’s really yours.

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